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All you need to know about our longboard coaching during the advanced/pro coaching weeks

On this page, you can specifically read about the longboard coaching which will be given during our weekly packages. If you want to have an overview of the weekly package, please check here.

The advanced longboard coaching is specifically organised for advanced or professional longboarders that are really looking for fine-tuning in their longboarding. This could be technique related, but also for example competition related.

The surf coaching is a nice mix between theory and practice in both the water and on land. Other than a regular week, we have, among other things, a smaller group size of 10 participants which we split into two groups, focus more on personal goals, go deeper into specific and technical details and do more video coaching. 

Following our advanced longboard coaching you will achieve

Video Analysis

Get your longboarding analyzed by our world class coaches and athletes. We go deeply over the videos both in group sessions as in individual sessions. We also do one or two (depending on conditions) live, direct video coaching sessions from the beach. This means that after surfing a wave, when your coach is giving you a sign, you can check your footage right away and get immediate feedback which you can apply straight away for your next wave. This method has turned out not only to be very effective, but also very motivating. At the end of the week, you receive a USB stick with your videos on it so you can recheck them at home.

Video Analysis for advanced longboarders

Learning Path

Note: This learning path is just to get an idea of our coaching program. Because this is an advanced week, we will tailor the program to individual needs.

During the first day we learn from you if you have any goals, challenges in your surfing or any other particular things you want to work on during the week. We also introduce ourselves and give you detailed information about the surf spots around, so you know exactly where and when to go for a freesurf in between. Of course, we also keep you informed during the week and guide you to the best spot that matches the conditions at that moment.

Introduction +/- 1 hour

The first coaching session in the water is a relaxed one. We check out your technique and overall behavior in the water. We also already give you some tips and tools to work on right away.

1 hour coaching session

During this first workshop on land we dive into trimming & cross stepping. 

Trimming is adjusting or positioning your board to the shape and speed of the wave by shifting your weight back and forth and by putting pressure on either your heel or toes, especially over your front foot. Those are, other than carving, very subtle adjustments. Trimming can not be used to completely change direction.

Distributing weight on the longboard has a huge effect on the board’s direction and speed. And it is fun too. By trimming you really can feel the board glide over the water. It looks and should also feel effortless and calm. Finding that sweet spot on both the board and the wave is a beautiful craft to master.

During this workshop we go through trimming and how + when to cross step on the board. Combining a right technique with the right speed, positioning and timing on the wave is crucial.

Theory  +/- 1.5 – 2 hours

The second coaching session in the water has a certain objective which will be defined shortly before the lesson. The kind of objective depends on conditions at that moment and refers to the theory you’ve had before and/or your goals you’ve set for yourself. This coaching session is filmed from land and depending on conditions will or will not include immediate feedback from the beach.

1  hour coaching session

Before the analyses, we carefully select the videos which contribute the most to your progress. This means that the videos that we selected are not always your best ones, but are the ones where you can learn from the most. Don’t worry, we put every single video of you on USB. We analyse the videos and focus on the objective, but of course we will also discuss other details we see. From all the feedback we give, we pick 2-3 points to work on for the next days.  

Duration: +/- 2-3 hours for the complete group

During this next coaching session you can focus on the objectives you have been given and/or set for yourself. Your coach guides you and gives you extra tips in the water to accomplish your goals. 

This session may be filmed from land and depending on conditions will or will not include immediate feedback from the beach.

1 hour coaching session

We analyze a selection of your videos from the coaching session before and dive deeper into the art of noseriding. Why, when, where and how to? We also go over different ways to noseride.  We love this one!

Workshop +/- 1.5 hour

In our fourth coaching session we focus mainly on cross stepping & noseriding. We also capture this session and use it for another video analyses.

1 hour coaching session

We analyze your previous coaching session and discuss in greater detail different kinds + variations of turns. 

Duration: +/- 2-3 hours for the complete group

During the final coaching session we hope that some pieces fall together. This session is a fun one with less focus on one specific objective.

1 hour coaching session

During this workshop we break down longboard & fin design. We talk about different tail shapes, bottoms, functionality of spoon, 50/50 vs 60/40 rails and so on. After this workshop, we hope that you have greater knowledge about design, but also now better what board to choose for which conditions in combination with your length + weight and desires.

Workshop +/- 1 hour

We finish our weeks with an ‘Expression Session’ á la Joels Tudors ‘Duct Tape Invitational’. A fun ‘competition’ where everyone can be the best in something. There are prices for best trick, best dressed and best shared wave. Because after all, longboarding is about fun & expressing yourself in the water! 

For people who are interested we organize one or two extra clinics about competition longboarding. We talk about mind setting, as it plays (not just for competition) a crucial part in surfing and sports in general. We also explain how the priority system works and how you can strategically deal with it. Next to that we talk about subjects like judging rules & criteria, tactics in general and preparation. The clinic(s) are given by coaches like Rubén Fuente or Nienke Duinmeijer who have many years of experience and success in competitive surfing.

Days of coaching




Skill Level


Video Sessions




Learning from the best

Our longboard coaches are carefully selected and are experts in the field, or water in this case. They have been longboarding for years on a high level, for example Pablo Gonzalez and Nienke Duinmeijer.

Our coaches are not only pros in their surfing, but they are also excellent coaches. They know how to break down technical details and explain you this in a clear way. 


This week will suit you if you are at the following level or higher;

  • You know how to read the wave and adapt to it
  • You can change directions and make (light) turns
  • You already make solid cross steps and know how to trim the board
  • You are working on your noserides
  • You have already experienced at least one ‘regular’ week with us (except if you are pro)

If you are not sure whether this week is right for you, do not hesitate to contact us. Very helpful is to send us some footage of your surfing so we can judge if this week will be right for you.