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Casa 'Ohana



Casa 'Ohana

We are exhilarated to announce our brand new accommodation for Single Fin.

What is Casa 'Ohana?

Casa Ohana is an intimate, rural get-away surrounded by the lush green hills of Oyambre Natural Park. A ten minute ride through eucalyptus forest and rolling hills will take you to the magical waves of San Vicente de la Barquera. We found a true gem in Cantabria!

Through years of craftsmanship and lots of love, this house breathes a lot of authenticity and charm. It is build by using natural materials like stone and wood. There are multiple nice areas to sit outside and enjoy the sun, the relaxing scenery and the beautiful views. There is a big communal inside area where we have breakfast, dinner and coaching. There is another relax area where you can read a book or play a game in front of the fireplace and there are of course many beautiful and spacious bedrooms & bathrooms. There are single, double, twin & triple bedrooms and we also have two family suites. Ideal for a surfing family!

What do we offer at Casa 'Ohana?

Besides hosting the coaching weeks of Single Fin, Casa ‘Ohana offers almost year-round accommodation. You can book optional extras to make your holiday complete. Those extras include surf coaching lessons, surfboard rental, Yoga lessons, Co-working packages and daily healthy breakfast. And sign up for chef’s family style dinner! 

What means 'Ohana?

We did not just choose this name because of its beautiful island-sound. It has a profound and powerful meaning to it. Literally it means family, home or community. It is a code of conduct that promotes unity. ‘Ohana breathes loyalty, compassion, love and living in harmony with its environment. It is essential to respectfully deal with the community and natural environment around us.

Next to creating a cozy family atmosphere, we aim to make our footprint at Casa ‘Ohana as small as possible.

Natural Park

Casa ‘Ohana is situated in Natural Park Oyambre. A breathtaking part of Northern Spain with views over the Picos de Europa

Just Relax

A perfect place to wind down after a surf and relax with a good book in front of one of the fireplaces this house has

Excellent Food

Our kitchen staff will provide delicious, vegetarian meals. We buy our ingredients as local and organically grown as possible


Everybody will be welcomed with open arms at Casa ‘Ohana. We invite you to become part of our community, our ‘Ohana