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Longboard Coaching

Unique longboard coaching by professionals

Unique to our company is that we focus and coach specifically for surfing on a longboard. During our coaching weeks we break down every little part of longboarding and discuss each part extensively. Our coaching has a good blend between coaching in the water, workshops on land, video analysis and theory clinics. The coaching is provided by very experienced and professional longboard coaches / athletes. The groups are small and therefor our coaching is personal and tailored. 

Our goal is to lift your longboarding to the next level. 

Our surf coaching programs

Regular Coaching

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The regular coaching is suitable for every level longboarder; From improving basics such as timing and reading waves to cross stepping & noseriding

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Advanced/Pro Coaching

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Our advanced coaching is for people that are ready for a solid hang ten or improving their drop knee turn

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5 days of surf coaching

Perfect time & place

We always choose the best moment and spot for our longboard coaching sessions. The rest of our activities is build around that. This means for example that dinner time can vary. We have never worked with a fixed schedule, everyday is different. Every evening our surf coaches decide what the plan will be for the next day, and even that schedule can change last minute. Surfing is a difficult art to master, so we want you to have the best possible canvas to work on your skills, aligned with your surf level.