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Meet The Single Fin Family

Daan van Geebergen
Daan van Geebergen

Chef Maintenance

Daan is one of the most stoked surfers we know and his enthusiasm is contagious. He is also one of the most caring people. Don’t be surprised if there is freshly brewed coffee before your morning session.

Meike Reijerman Photography
Meike Reijerman

Surf Photographer

Meike has been surfing longboards for many years and she takes beautiful photos. She loves Single Fin and we love her. Meike shares her life with longboard coach Pablo and their little son. 


Floor Manager

Bing would be the opposite of a guard dog, he will welcome you with great curiosity and affection. Bing loves to run away from his owners. If you can’t find him, he is probably hanging out with his mates at the Farolillo.

Douwe Robroch
Douwe Robroch


Douwe is a very talented young man. To see him surfing a longboard (and other kinds of boards too) is absolutely mind blowing. We can’t wait to see what the future will bring him. We are very proud of him!

Josien Jelsma

Coordinator & Nienkes sidekick

Josien can do everything and is the face of accommodationCasa ‘Ohana. From playing her own written songs in front of the fireplace to making beautiful surfphotos. And she does it all with a big smile on her face. 

Elise van Veen
Elise van Veen

Hostess & Nienkes sidekick

Elise will take care of our guests during our autumn coaching weeks. She is a warm person with a good eye for detail and decoration. Together with Bas she lives in Portugal she owns Crème Fresh Catering.

Nienke Duinmeijer
Nienke Duinmeijer


Nienke founded Single Fin back in 2014. In her competitive career she won several international longboard competitions and invitationals. Since 2021 she lives in Casa ‘Ohana together with Elena and a lot of animals.

Longboard Coach Pablo Gonzalez
Pablo Gonzalez

Longboard Coach

Pablo is a coach that not purely focuses on technique, but also other important parts such as sport psychology. He is a very warm and nice person with a beautiful flow in both his surfing and his music.

Eva de Koning
Eba Kook

Fast Chef

Eva, or in Spanish ‘Eba Kook’, is the fastest chef we know. She’ll stay in the water until the last moment and prepares food in her dripping wetsuit. Surprisingly good food too! Just like Daan, she is super stoked and very funny. 

Harko Robroch
Harko Robroch


With years of experience as an entrepreneur, Harko is a huge help and inspiration behind the scenes. He is a master in finding solutions and communication. Together with his family he is travelling off-grid in their 4×4 camper van.

Elena del Mazo

General Support & Cook

In a short time, Elena already brought a lot of laughter, support, love and many animals into Casa ‘Ohana and the Single Fin Family. She is funny, energetic and a true perfectionist. Very sincere too, what you see is what you get!

Dennis Mobility for surfers
Dennis Bednarski

Mobility & Longboard Coach

Dennis always wears a big smile and has a positive attitude. He is a dedicated longboarder and together with Sara he gives Mobility Coaching, Yoga and Physiotherapy specifically for longboarders. 

Sebastian Meunier


Bas is a top chef with tons of experience at diverse restaurants & lodges around the globe. He worked in Boutique Hotels from Costa Rica to ski chalets in the Alps. He makes a perfect team with Elise. 

Sara Martin Palacio

Yoga & Spanish Teacher

Sara has style and expresses this also through her longboarding. She is a very sweet and calm person, and the best Spanish teacher there is. Sara lives together with Dennis and dog Pai in their camper van.

Anne Albers
Anne Albers


Anne is the most energetic person we know. She is full of stoke and she is eager to explore everything life has to offer. Once a year she joins the Single Fin advanced week to better her technique and competition skills.

Joan Bergmans
Joan Bergmans


Joan makes beautiful art and does the branding of Single Fin and Casa Ohana. For years, she has been involved with Single Fin. She is a super cool inspirational surf mom living with her family and palm tree in Zandvoort.

Marcía Ramirez

The best housekeeper in the world

Day in and out, Marcía makes sure that everything is spotlessly clean and tidy. She really cares a lot about our guests and is a valuable part of our team. She lives closeby in Torrelavega.

Evert Jan

Longboard Coach

Evert Jan is a perfect add to our team of coaches. He is a calm person that can explain surfing in a clear and personal way. Next to longboarding, he loves to play music with his band ‘The Cops’.

Leanne van Weert

Intern Coach

Leanne has been a surfcoach for many years. She always has her four-legged fans waiting for her on the beach when she returns from a session. She will be part of the Single Fin team in autumn 2022.


Assist Coach

Ferry is always at sea and loves to bringing people along his session to share the stoke. He always wears a hat and a big smile in the water. One of the most enthousiastic people we know!