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Our choices for a healthier planet

Ohana is the name of our accommodation and means family in ancient Hawaiian. Often this is wider implemented and used in a looser context so it also includes or means ‘community’.  A code of conduct that promotes unity. The term Ohana breathes loyalty, compassion, love and living in harmony with its environment. The word Ohana also reaches further then just family or community, it also means ‘home’. Protecting that home is part of it. Like local organisation ‘Surf & Nature Alliance’ dictates: ‘We are what we protect’. It is essential to respectfully engage with the community and natural environment around us.

Next to creating a ‘cozy family atmosphere’ where everyone is equal and welcome, is making our footprint at Casa Ohana as small as possible while doing business an important endeavor. This, among other, results in;

  • Buying food as regional, seasonal and ecological approved as possible.
  • No use of fish and meat within our meals since 2021. This is a huge step for us as a company and especially within the region where there is usually no single vegetarian option on the menu. 
  • Values based / Green banking at Triodos Bank.
  • Making our every day choices with great care and consciousness.
  • Working together with suppliers that share the same values as us such as Greenfix wax.
  • No usage of plastic bottles and take away boxes, everybody that books a package with us receives a reusable bottle to take home and can use reusable packaging for take away lunches at the beach.
  • Encouraging our guests to carpool and compensate their greenhouse gasses/CO2 emissions to get here.
  • Leaving beaches always cleaner then when we found them.

We hope to add more successes soon as our ambitions to contribute to a healthier planet are high.